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About Us

Conveniently Healthy

Soul Food is a nutritionists & dietitians led healthy food hub focusing on providing practical nutrition guidance and personalised food solutions delivery. We strive to make healthy eating doable and possible, especially for people who lead a busy lifestyle and want to be healthier. 

We take pride in the two key pillars set in our services:

  • Fun & Interactive Nutrition Education

  • Personalised Food Solution Delivery

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Nutrition consultation by qualified professionals -

  • personalised to individuals

  • no general advises

Our Service


Crafted by experienced, qualified dietitians -

  • Translating complex nutrition science into practical actions

  • Addressing latest nutrition issues

  • Helping you to make informed food choices

  • Available monthly health seminar & 2-days intensive nutrition program!

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Customised Meal Delivery -

  • Healthy Eating

  • Weight Loss

  • Cancer Management Diet

  • Surgery Recovery Diet

  • Diabetes Control

  • Senior Nutrition

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Tailored To You

We customised meals according to your health goals and medical conditions. 


Our dietitians may contact you to follow up with your health goals and conditions. We can give our best if we understand you better!

Speak To A Dietitian

Healthy eating seems hard with a tight schedule. Not sure where to start? Allow our dietitians  to contact you back within 24-hours.


Meet The Panel


Managing Director

BSc. (Hons.) Sports Science, UM

Leading The Way To Better Health Education

As a former state-level gymnast, Steven had always taken pride in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He has the mission to help others attain the same healthy lifestyles and proper exercise regimes to improve their health and their lives. He was formerly a gymnastic coach since 2008 before becoming the Managing Director of Sou Food.


General Manager

BSc. (Hons.) Nutrition, UK

Nutritious Health Is In The Details


As a former cheerleader and ballerina, Swan understands the importance of maintaining a balanced nutritious diet for optimum necessary. She's responsible for overseeing the nutrition consultation and values for our client's diet.


Training / Education Manager

BSc. (Hons.) Nutrition and Dietetics, IMU

Bringing Balance To Your Health


Kar Foo has been practising as a consultant dietitian since 2012. He has worked in various settings (i.e. academia, clinical, and corporate) to pursue his passion. You probably do not know he is an introvert in person because he likes to joke around with his clients while discussing nutrition matters. He believe that healthy eating can be fun with a pinch of creativity.


Customer Relation

BSc. (Hons.) Dietetics with Nutrition, IMU

The Soul In Our Food



Fu Yen is one of our primary dietitians in Soul Food, providing our customers with dietary consultation, meal customisation and organising nutrition workshops. She is also a public speaker on topics related to food and non-communicable diseases.



The only way to serve more people is to work as a team. Our kitchen team is responsible for daily healthy meals production, we work closely with the dietitians to ensure food safety, and most importantly, its quality. 

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Diet works, only when it is sustainable.

Image by Louis Hansel

Customized Meal 

No one size fits all solution in health, we are unique.


Learn Via Experience

Learn nutrition through the fun, interactive and creative ways.

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Believe It's Possible

Don't be held back by the busy schedules, invest your time on what's important.

Airene, Health advocate

"Soul Food delivery simplify my busy life. I do not have to think where to eat and what to eat. Their dishes are delicious and varied. Although it has been many months since I started ordering Soul Food delivery, I still look forward with great delight to the daily food delivery.


Jenessa, Confinement

"I heard about Soul Food from a friend, and they have been providing my confinement food for the last month after the birth of my twin sons. I highly recommend Soul Food! Their service has been impeccable since the first day I contacted them, and the food is so good! I have been so please with Soul Food that I just extended my confinement food delivery .Thanks Soul Food team!


Ben, Overweight, Diabetes

Just turned 35 this year and realise I couldn't afford open heart surgery let alone the hospital bills that came along with such a tragedy. Decided to go on a Whole-Foods Plant-Based Diet with Soul Food. Seeing miraculous results in just 3 months, cholesterol's down, blood glucose levels are down, I feel more energetic and better plus I've lost quite a fair bit of weight. I can't thank Soul Food for supporting me get to the right path of recovery, better health and saving me from myself.

Our Customers